Should You Vote Hillary?

Americans want money out of politics. While I could provide links to studies that have shown this; I think that- by now- this point is fairly obvious. The problem is that most candidates have promised that they plan to be tough on big business in favor of the middle class. For the purposes of this post I’ll be focusing on why I don’t support Hillary Clinton.

I don’t have the same (at times justified) vitriolic dislike for Clinton that some of my peers do . However, I find myself both skeptical and wary of Hillary Clinton given her record. She’s been relatively inconsistent, fickle even, in terms of her beliefs. Her former anti-marriage equality stance is the most infamous example. As well, her notorious relationship with big businesses and huge investment banking firms  like Goldman Sachs (which payed Clinton multiple speaking fees). Her criticisms of Sander’s single-payer healthcare plan as merely a plan to abolish the Affordable Care Act, were disingenuous.

As well, Clinton’s arguments against Sanders are rooted in the idea that the system is too broken to be fixed with Sanders’ ‘radical’ ideals. Voters should realize the differences between Sanders and Clinton as candidates. Sanders is a candidate who has had an impressively consistent record. He’s fought for civil rights, relentlessly pushed for healthcare reform, was against the war in Iraq, etc. Sanders’ platform stems from a genuine desire to change a system that Sanders believes to be corrupt (as do many people).

Clinton on the other hand is a more traditional politician in that her views change overtime. While some of this may be through reconsideration and evolution, it often times seems that her opinions waiver with change in popular/cultural values. Many criticize Clinton for this, and while it leaves me skeptical of her actual motives, I don’t think this style of politician is inherently bad. Clinton evolves to meet the needs of her constituency (for better or for worse).

However, as I said, I’m still rather reserved about her stances and views. Clinton is quite clearly the establishment candidate. She is a status-quo president who is far more centrist (and more conservative) than even President Obama.  Her views on healthcare and economics are, in my opinion, antiquated. I don’t want a President who has to constantly play ‘catch-up’ when it comes to social justice, economics, healthcare, etc.

I’ll be casting my vote for Sanders, the democratic socialist whose policy plans might actually serve as a conduit for change in a country so desperately in need of a face-lift. I intend to make a post detailing why I support Sanders, but for now I encourage others to read into his policies. American citizens have agreed across the board that our system is corrupt. A vote for Clinton is a vote for stagnation. Remember to register before it’s your states turn! Happy voting!


One comment

  1. julesdevine · March 7, 2016

    Thank you for your fair reflection on Hilary Clinton. She definitely seems like a fair weather candidate. It’s hard to pin down her true views on things since she has wavered so much. Makes me think she would waver in important decisions to make about our country.


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