The Next Step

With graduation on the horizon, I’ve been reflecting on my college career and the development I’ve gone through at SUNY Plattsburgh. When I first came here I was unsure of what I really wanted to do. I knew I had an interest in the legal/political realm of study, but beyond that I had no course of action. More than anything, I was incredibly unsure of myself. My sexuality, my ideas, my appearance– everything. I wouldn’t claim to be an ultra-confident graduate at the end of it all, but I am certainly much more sure of myself now than I’ve ever been.

I don’t have everything figured out in terms of post-graduation plans, but I do know that I plan on studying law. Before college, I didn’t really have tangible goals, and so I felt lost in translation. I may not have every facet of my future mapped out, but the goals that I once longed for seem much closer now. I also have reflected on the friends I’ve come to make here as well as the memories. It’s been a long four years, but I know that when I look back on this moment it will have seemed a hasty tenure.

There isn’t much of a point to this blog post, other than a small reflection for myself. It’s surreal to know that I will be a graduate in a few short days.


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